GM-EST is a company of Services and Transport.

Il was established in 2007 and specializes in providing services to individuals and professionals. Its mission is to serve customers with commitment and dedication. Its aim is to satisfy their needs so that their business can run smoothly.

The headquarter is in  Strasbourg, town which is called the crossroads of Europe, make it:   

  • Touches  the German border
  • Near to (Switzerland) less than 100 km, 
  • Paris is two hours and a half by train (France)      
  • Only 200 from Frankfurt (Germany),
  • Brussels is 450 kms.

This location allows the GM-EST to be very responsive to better serve distant clients, whether individuals or professionals. Indeed, it is so close to the German industries such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Opel, Siemens, BMW, Hager, but also French industries, such as Safran, Bugatti, Alstom, Mars, Millipore, Schaeffler France, Kuhn, Wurth France-TRW, Osram, Hartman, Clestra, Peugeot, Steelcase, ... The city is home to many European and international institutions, including the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the European Court of Hum an Rights in the Palace of Human Rights, it is frequently described as a "European capital. "It is an ancient city, rich in history and architectural mix. There are places of worship for all faiths, two major teaching hospitals, museums, universities, colleges, an international airport, parks and extraordinary landscapes. The area is near the Vosges chain for lovers of skiing and walking, mountain monkeys, the flying Eagle, near the Black Forest in Germany and the largest amusement park in Europe: Europapark (within 50 kms).


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Equipment, Furniture, household,
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